ANKE HELMICH        P.I.C.S. & ideas

Anke's career starts in 1999 after graduating from 'The institute for fashion and design in Amsterdam (HVA). After building up experience in two jobs as stylist/art-director at a bridal magazine and an image-coördinator at a media communication office VDBJ Communication, she starts her own business as a fasion-stylist in 2001, working for different publishing companies such as  Sanoma Media, Hearst Magazines, Studio Room, VDBJ Communication and Media Partners among others.
Because Anke's love to work from thematic concepts, using colour, structure, mood or material as important ingredients she gradually started to use more and more interior props in her fashion productions. From there it was a small step to interior, living and decoration productions.
So sure enough within a couple of years Anke was also hired to work for magazines like 101 woonideeën, VT wonen and Home and Garden among others.
Also more commercial clients started to find their way to her talent to combine strong conceptual styling/art-direction with impressive production skills.

Nowadays Anke does Fashion, Lifestyle, Living, Kids and D.I.Y for a lot of different publishing companies and brands. From photography-styling and art-direction to designing stands and shop-interiors. She also offers her services as a consultant to visualise a shop or brands identity through conceptual styling and photography. Since 2009 she started collaborating with photographer Sanne Tulp. Toghether they started a new business: Studio Tweevoud.
With Studio Tweevoud they create so called “totalconcepts” from initial idea to a fully produced brochure or website. Example can be found in the likes of: Kleine, Brandimages for Engel, De Oude, Gezininig, Onszelf and Blemish.

In 2010 Anke and Sanne also started another company:  A weekly e-magazine full of pictures off inspiration, design, colour, textures and the most beautiful products from web-shops.
In 2013, because of the success of StyleCookie, Anke and Sanne decide to turn Studio Tweevoud into Studio Style Cookie.
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